Friday, July 21, 2017


Margarita is America's most loved mixed drink. In any case, it was conceived South of the Border. 

The margarita is without a doubt one of Mexico's most refreshing fares and being that San Antonio is a city of deep Mexican culture, it is not surprising that many tourists come to town seeking the best Margarita in all of San Antonio! No other drink evokes such striking pictures of sunny tropical shorelines, fun loving marimba and mariachi music, tiki hovel bars and that inviting mind solidify! The drink has even been deified in Jimmy Buffett's most acclaimed tune, "Margaritaville," and will perpetually be related with the expression "that solidified invention" and the rehashed serenade, "salt, salt, salt!" 

While there are numerous varieties of normal and solidified margarita formula, the exemplary is still most margarita partners' top pick: tequila, crisp lime juice (ideally from Key limes), triple sec (or the higher-estimated Cointreau), and ice.... all served up in a glass whose edge is covered with ("salt, salt, salt"). 

So what are the genuine roots of the now adored solidified margarita formula? Something as prominent and close impeccable as that solidified invention that causes us hold tight will undoubtedly draw in loads of individuals asserting credit for its introduction to the world. 

One exceptionally prevalent story is that the first margarita was created back in the late 1930s in Tijuana, at the eatery of Carlos "Danny" Herrera known as Rancho La Gloria. As is regularly the case with new mixed drinks, the first goal was to cover the unforgiving taste and consume of the alcohol required, for this situation, tequila. Since tequila has for quite some time been delighted in with lime and salt, all it took was a complimentary sweet fixing, and the margarita was conceived. It wouldn't be well before it was altogether tossed into a blender and the primary heavenly, slushy, solidified margarita formula was adjusted.